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4x GMPR BuddyX CPR Zoey Litter

Fox Red Pups

This is going to be a very nice fox red pointing labrador litter.  Buddy is a proven producer of top of the line pointing labradors.  He throws great looks, stylsh points, and great training attitudes into his puppies.  Zoey has one of the prettiest points that you will see in a pointing Labrador.  Both Zoey and Buddy are great in the house and with children.  The combination of Buddy and Zoey is going to be something special and we are extremely excited about it. 

Pups are expected on August 18th.

Males/Females SOLD OUT

Labs for Sale Pointing
Labs for Sale Pointing


We understand that purchasing a new hunting partner is a major investment in your future enjoyment in the field. That is why we guarantee that your new puppy is going to live a long, healthy life.

If in an extremely rare occasion, there happens to be a genetic defect detected such as hip or retinal dysplasia, there will be the option for puppy replacement.

This guarantee is valid for genetic defects only and for 26 months from the whelping date of the puppy. It also must be confirmed by either OFA or CERF only.   

All Coteau View Puppies are GUARANTEED to be unaffected by EIC, CNM, PRA, DM, RD/OSD, HNPK, and SD2

COTEAU VIEW Kennels Pointing Labrador LITTERS for Sale


We offer only the best accommodations for our dogs but also for our client's dogs. Our kennel is insulated, air conditioned, and heated so our dogs are living in comfort throughout their stay, including our harsh South Dakota winters! They are also equipped with fresh water at all times. Each kennel has a bed so they can get up off of the cement flooring. 

We take every precaution to ensure our boys and girls as well as your furry friends are as comfortable as they can be!

Pointing Labs for Sale