We offer only the best accommodations for our dogs but also for our client's dogs. Our kennel is insulated, air conditioned, and heated so our dogs are living in comfort throughout their stay, including our harsh South Dakota winters! They are also equipped with fresh water at all times. Each kennel has a bed so they can get up off of the cement flooring. 

We take every precaution to ensure our boys and girls as well as your furry friends are as comfortable as they can be!

MPR Ryker X CPR Zoey Litter

Ryker- 65 lbs

Zoey- 55 lbs

AKC Registered Fox Red Pups

If you are looking for a dark fox red pointing Labrador with all the health clearances, this is your litter! Ryker and Zoey are both used as guide dogs at premier South Dakota hunting lodges. They are both very dark red in color and are both very talented dogs! These pups are guaranteed unaffected of EIC, CNM, PRA-PRCD, HNPK, SD2, RD/OSD and DM and come with a 26 month complete health guarantee for hips and eyes! These pups are expected in late April so now is the time to get on the list!

Males/Females $1400

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Ryker's Pedigree

Zoey's Pedigree


Looking for an authentic South Dakota WILD bird hunt with your new hunting buddy? We have you covered!!!   Check out


We understand that purchasing a new hunting partner is a major investment in your future enjoyment in the field. That is why we guarantee that your new puppy is going to live a long, healthy life.

If in an extremely rare occasion, there happens to be a genetic defect detected such as hip or retinal dysplasia, there will be the option for puppy replacement.

This guarantee is valid for genetic defects only and for 26 months from the whelping date of the puppy. It also must be confirmed by either OFA or CERF only.   

APR  Jett  X  GMPR  Nala Litter

Jett- 62 lbs

Nala- 58 lbs

AKC Registered Black and Chocolate Pups

These pups are guaranteed unaffected by EIC, CNM, PRA-PRCD, DM, HNPK, RD/OSD and SD2! They also come with our complete 26 month health guarantee as well as a complete satisfaction guarantee!

Males/Females $1600

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Jett's Pedigree

Nala's Pedigree

MPR Bravo  X CPR Teal  Litter

Bravo- 62 lbs

Teal- 50 lbs

AKC Registered Black Pups

If you are looking for that smaller framed Labrador that can do it all, this is your litter! Teal is a great marking dog with a lot of go.  She has a very impressive point in the upland and an unbelievable water entry! She is a very easy dog to get along with and is quiet and clean in the kennel. She has an amazing off switch when it's time to hang out with the family as well. 

Bravo is everything that you could ask for in a well rounded Labrador.  He charges his marks hard and runs great blinds. He also has one of the most impressive points in the upland that you will see and he has from day 1!  He is a rare stud because of the drive he has for work but also the way he shuts in down in the house and becomes a couch potato.  He truly is unique!  These pups are due 03/09/2019 and would have an approximate take home date of 05/04/2019! These pups are GUARANTEED UNAFFECTED of EIC, CNM, PRA-PRCD, SD2, DM, HNPK and RD/OSD. They Also come with a complete 26 month health guarantee on hips and eyes!

Males/Females $1600

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Bravo's Pedigree

Teal's Pedigree

GMPR HR Bro X APR Mia Litter

Bro- 68 lbs

Mia- 47 lbs

AKC Registered Yellow/Fox Red Pups

If you are looking for a yellow or fox red pup with a ton of natural talent and are extremely trainable, this is your litter. These pups are going to be hard charging dogs in the upland but are going to shut down nicely when it's home/family time. Mia has excelled in training since day one! She is an extremely talented female and has acquired her APR title at an early age. An advanced titled pointing labrador female with the unique deep fox red color is hard to find in the pointing labrador world. Bro is a very talented dog as well acquiring his HRC Seasoned title and GMPR title in the APLA. He is one impressive animal! Both Bro and Mia are hard running dogs in the upland and have impressive staunch points as well. If you're looking for a yellow Labrador with an impressive point, this is your litter. These pups are GUARANTEED UNAFFECTEDof EIC, CNM, PRA-PRCD, DM, RD/OSD, SD2 and HNPK! They also come with a complete 26 month health guarantee for hips and eyes! These pups are expected March 30th 2019 with an expected take home date of May 18th 2019!!!

Males/Females $1600

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Bro's Pedigree

Mia's Pedigree

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All Coteau View Puppies are GUARANTEED to be unaffected by EIC, CNM, PRA, DM, RD/OSD, HNPK, and SD2

COTEAU VIEW Kennels Pointing Labrador LITTERS for Sale

Health Tested Labrador Retrievers
Pointing Labs for Sale

MPR  Jax  X  GMPR  Diva Litter

Jax- 68 lbs

Diva- 57 lbs

AKC Registered ChocolatePups

This master level breeding is perfect for anyone looking for a hard charging pointing labrador that is also great in the home/family setting. This is a rare crossing because of the qualities that these two bring together. This will be a 100% chocolate litter. If you are looking for that hard charging dog when you want it and the laid back couch potato when you need it, this is your litter. These pups are GUARANTEED CLEAR of EIC, CNM, PRA-PRCD, DM, RD/OSD, SD2 and HNPK and come with a 26 month complete health guarantee for hips and eyes! These pups are expected in April 2019.

Males/Females $1800

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Jax's Pedigree

Diva's Pedigree